21 Months as a Climate Positive Workforce — Nutravita Plants Over 17,200 Trees and Reduces 217 Tonnes of CO2

21 Months as a Climate Positive Workforce — Nutravita Plants Over 17,200 Trees and Reduces 217 Tonnes of CO2


21 Months as a Climate Positive Workforce — Nutravita Plants Over 17,200 Trees and Reduces 217 Tonnes of CO2

Posted by Nutravita, 15th August 2021

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Here are the 3 key points to know:

  • Nutravita is part of the Ecologi scheme, as we are committed to being a Climate Positive Workforce
  • This commitment involves tree planting, travel offsetting, and carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction
  • By the end of 2021, all our packaging will be made from recycled materials
What Is a Climate Positive Workforce?
Tree Planting Companies in the UK
How Much Does Planting a Tree Cost?
➡️Environmentally Friendly Packaging Is on the Way at Nutravita!
Ideas for Environmentally Friendly Gifts
➡️Climate Positive Gifts

What Is a Climate Positive Workforce?

It sure sounds great, but what is a “Climate Positive Workforce,” exactly? And more importantly, why does it matter?

To put things simply, it means that a company’s workforce offsets more carbon than they produce in their day-to-day lives.

National Geographic has shown how carbon dioxide (CO2) levels are at a record high.

As you may know, carbon dioxide is one of the damaging greenhouse gases (along with methane and nitrous oxide) that are causing climate change.

And what’s the major driver of these gases being released into the atmosphere?

Human activity.

Primarily, this is through the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

Whilst we don’t want this to be a “doom and gloom” article, we’ll say this much: we want to take responsibility and help to tackle this problem as best as we can.

That’s why we became a Climate Positive Workforce 21 months ago and have operated within these guidelines ever since.

Ecologi is the company we’ve trusted to fulfill our aims. They haven’t let us down!

In the past 21 months, this is what has been achieved:

  • More than 217 tonnes of carbon reduced
  • Planted over 17,200 trees

    Source Image 

  • The motive for planting trees is clear…

    As Science magazine (which has been around since 1880) explains:

    “The restoration of trees remains among the most effective strategies for climate change mitigation.”

    And as for carbon footprints?

    Ecologi proves their worth by publishing monthly certificates, which show how many tonnes of CO2 they have removed or prevented from being released into the atmosphere.

    All in all, it’s an important project for us to be part of, and we’re proud of the targets we’ve managed to hit.

    Perhaps it’s a relatively small impact in the grand scheme of things, but as one of our well-known supermarkets would say:

    Every little helps!

    To date, here are the Climate Positive Workforce badges that Nutravita has been awarded:

    Source Image 

    Tree Planting Companies in the UK

    Over the past decade or two, more tree planting companies have emerged in the UK, which is fantastic news!

    Our team chose Ecologi as the company to plant trees on our behalf. We loved the concept of being able to grow a forest, lower carbon pollution, and set team goals to challenge our overall carbon footprint.

    These goals have included:

  • Walking or cycling to the office
  • Shopping locally, and
  • Limiting red meat consumption

  • It should be noted, though, that Ecologi is not the only tree planting company in the UK. Far from it!

    Other examples of companies who are making a real difference are:

    A tonne of carbon is saved in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest for every tree that is pledged.

    Alternatively, you can choose which region of the UK you want your trees to be planted in, using the map below:

    Source Image 

    Planted almost 10 million trees in the past 15 years.

    In addition, they’ve helped to remove a lot of CO2 from the atmosphere — approximately 2.5 million tonnes.

    Planted close to 9 million new trees.

    They can also dedicate a tree (or a grove) on your behalf, which adds a personal touch to the planting process.

    How Much Does Planting a Tree Cost?

    In reality, there is no one fixed cost for planting a tree.

    Prices can vary from $0.10 to $20.00 per tree — certainly wide-ranging!

    But, Ecologi makes tree planting affordable with their Climate Positive company scheme.

    Each tree is billed at $0.15 (which converts to about £0.11).

    Environmentally Friendly Packaging Is on the Way at Nutravita!

    Although we’ve been classed as a Climate Positive Workforce for the past 21 months, we’re keen to take the next step — and that’s packaging.

    Specifically, we want all of the Nutravita supplement bottles to be made from recycled materials.

    rPET is helping us to roll this out by the end of 2021.

    But what is rPET?

    Here’s a quick summary:

    • rPET stands for recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate), which is made from scrap materials
    • Research from 2018 found that nearly 70% of all PET bottles are recycled, over 20% of which is used for bottle-to-bottle recycling
    • Used bottles are first screened for safety before being shredded, cleaned, dried, and repurposed for their next use

    We’ve found that rPET leads the way as a type of environmentally friendly packaging to stop unnecessary waste.

    And to ensure that quality is high, the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) regulates PET recycling companies for safe processing.

    Below are some examples of different rPET bottles, to give you an idea of the range of available mys. We’ll be looking to ensure we get the right size and shape for Nutravita customers:

    We’re super excited to continue with this partnership and feel rPET will only strengthen our position as a Climate Positive Workforce.

    So, get ready for Nutravita packaging 2.0. 😊

    Ideas for Environmentally Friendly Gifts

    Did you know the term “environmentally friendly gifts” gets almost 1000 Google searches per month in the UK?

    It wasn’t always as high as this but more and more people are keen to support the planet with their gift-giving.

    What are your options here?

    Well, it could turn into a very long list! But to get you started, here are 11 ideas to read through. Which gift do you think your loved ones would make the most use of?

    1. Bark-based yoga mats
    2. Clothing made of sustainable materials
    3. Compost bin
    4. Creams and moisturisers in recyclable packaging (e.g. aluminium tubes rather than plastic)
    5. Low-flow shower head to reduce water use
    6. Reusable produce bags
    7. Reusable bowl covers (to replace plastic or clingfilm)
    8. Reusable sandwich bags
    9. Reusable, stainless steel water bottles
    10. Solar-powered phone charger
    11. Stainless steel straws

    Climate Positive Gifts

    If you’re specifically searching for climate-positive gifts, Nutravita is ready to be of service!

    Supplements may not be a typical gift for birthdays or Christmas. But if they can support the wellbeing of people you care about then why not buy them as a nice surprise, right?

    Feel free to browse by category, for example:

  • Improving sports performance
  • Hair, skin, and nails
  • Managing stress
  • Weight management
  • Going vegan

  • Here are just a few vegetarian and vegan-friendly supplements in our range, to give you a taster of what’s on offer:


    Vegan Essential Multivitamin
    A 4-month supply of essential vitamins and minerals that can be lacking in plant-based diets. Includes Calcium, DHA, Iron, Iodine, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin B12, and Zinc.


    Psyllium Husk Fibre 700mg
    Psyllium husk is a plant powder that is naturally high in soluble dietary fibre to help you maintain consistent, daily “rhythm.”

    Zinc and vitamin A help to maintain normal vision, whilst vitamin B12 contributes to red blood cell production.
    Health benefits may include relief from indigestion, improvements in blood sugar regulation, and weight loss.


    Thanks for stopping by!

    All in all, the past couple of years have been busy as our company has grown quicker than we could have imagined.

    With this in mind, we’re keen to do our bit for the environment.

    Planting trees and offsetting our carbon emissions are high priorities for us. But we’re also keen to make our packaging as environmentally friendly as possible, which is why we’ve committed to using the rPET bottles by the end of 2021.

    If you have any questions about Nutravita products or our Climate Positive Workforce pledge, please don’t hesitate to contact the team.

    And if you feel like browsing options for natural vitamins and supplements, you can view our vegan range here.

    Speak soon 🙂

    To healthier days, Nutravita

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    Co-written by Declan Davey

    Declan is a Natural Health Copywriter with a professional background as an NHS therapist. His previous roles include work with mental health services and disability charities in London, UK.

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