Contributing to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet

We engage with causes important to us, and put sustainability at the heart of what we do.

It is not just humans that need extra support to remain healthy, our planet does as well. Protecting the environment from harmful waste and gases is a global concern, one in which we at Nutravita take very seriously. We are keen advocates for environmental sustainability so that we can all live in a much healthier world.

What makes us eco-responsible?

Careful consideration has gone into the packaging of our vitamins and supplements.

We have removed cartons across the majority of our products because we recognised these were causing unnecessary waste. The materials used for our bottles are also fully recyclable.

Currently we are exploring the use of more eco-friendly bottles for future products to help protect the oceans from plastic contamination.

Taking this one step further, we are currently exploring innovative ways to reduce our packaging footprint. We will soon be launching a range of products designed to enable sustainable package free refills, an initiative we hope we can roll out across our entire range.


Nutravita’s product range includes many vegan-friendly vitamins and supplements.

As a brand, we understand that in recent years there has been a major global shift towards vegan diets, with much research suggesting Veganism has a huge impact on reducing our environmental impact on earth. We want to support our vegan customers as much as we possibly can.

Take a look at our vegan-friendly vitamins and supplements .

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Our invigorating partnership with Ecologi

When purchasing a Nutravita product, you are making a positive difference to our planet. Every vitamin product that we sell helps to reduce our carbon footprint, all thanks to our flagship collaboration with Ecologi.

17,000 trees and counting

Since working with Ecologi, we have managed to plant over 16,000 trees worldwide in a 15 month period and produce an offset of over 175 tonnes of CO2 emissions! This is something that we are very proud of and we are looking forward to planting even more trees in the future. Explore our forest to see exactly where these trees have been planted.

Preserving the rainforests

We have given additional monthly support to Ecologi to help with a range of environmental concerns. For example, our funding has enabled the preservation of rainforests in Brazil with over 186,000 hectares of the country’s biodiversity being preserved. Nutravita’s donations have also provided over 100 MW of affordable energy to Andhra Pradesh state in India. Being a partner with Ecologi has made us feel even more inspired and empowered to improve the current global climate crisis.

About Ecologi

Supporting people on a global scale

Nutravita’s overall mission is to support everyone to live healthier lives. In many parts of the world there are people that are combating terminal illnesses and ongoing suffering. We have been able to help this cause by donating a portion of our profits to various charities. It’s time to give back not just to the local community, but the worldwide community that universally binds us as one.

Building hope, bringing change

One of the main charities that we have partnered with is Mission Direct. So far we have managed to build a brand-new school in Siem Reap, Cambodia, along with supplying supplements to thousands of people who so desperately need them due to serious deficiencies. The requirement for essential vitamins and nutrients has never been greater.

We are continuing to work closely with well established charities such as Mission Direct, to assist the world’s most vulnerable people.