Quality manufacturing. Quality ingredients.

Discover what keeps our customers coming back to us

It’s time to find out why our customers choose Nutravita products. Why our brand has become so trustworthy. And why we use the best quality ingredients.

Many vitamins cannot be made by the human body and need to be supplemented through our diets. There is no substitute for a healthy food based diet, but we recognise there are times when we all need extra support with quality ingredients. That’s why we offer a wide range of vitamins and supplements that help to fill in these gaps and contribute to sustaining your health.

We only use the finest ingredients that are sourced globally from the UK, America, Europe, India and Asia and any ingredient selected goes through strict testing to make sure it complies with EU standards.

Vitamins manufactured to the highest standards

When it comes to the manufacturing process, we prefer to keep things local. All of our essential Vitamins & Supplements are produced here in the UK in exceptional facilities that have been BRC AA accredited. Our laboratories consist of advanced, high-tech machinery which undergo regular inspections. This machinery is crucial as it allows us to produce Nutravita products with as little processing excipients as possible which effectively reduces the need for nasty additives.

During manufacturing, our products follow a consistent and effective process. We strive to use natural ingredients and cleaner manufacturing methods.

Testing and improving

Requirements for vitamins change frequently across life stages. As a result, we are always working to test and improve products to meet these changes. A key element of the manufacturing process is testing. We conduct a series of rigorous tests to determine the effectiveness of the vitamin compound. The testing is done in-house at the manufacturing site and via 3rd parties, where we test for the following

  • Disintegration: This is where the tablet or capsule is dropped into a solution that is similar to the acid found in your stomach. This test determines whether the tablet or capsule will disintegrate within the permitted time frame.
  • Friability: This test determines the durability of the tablets during transit. A rotating wheel is used that drops the tablets while spinning to test their physical strength.

You can always trust us

Building trust is extremely important to us. Our customers trust us because we make sure that all of our vitamins and supplements are quality controlled. Additionally we offer full traceability so from the first stage of accumulating the raw materials to the final stage of packaging and shipping, we can easily trace every product that we create. We want our customers to know where our products come from and how they have made it into their homes.