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Weight Management Bundle

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Our Weight Management Bundle includes a range of products which can help you on your weight management journey. The first product in this bundle is our Probiotic which contains 21 live bacteria strains and an impressive 60 billion CFU per serving. 

We've also included our Magnesium supplement which contributes towards the reduction of tiredness as well as a normal nervous system and muscle function. Our body depends on magnesium in regulating day-to-day metabolic reactions to help in the process of cell division and protein synthesis, to facilitate proper muscle and nerve function.

The final product in this bundle is our Cranberry Extract which contributes to an all-round healthier lifestyle and helps in general wellbeing. It does not contain sugars, sweeteners, bulking, anti-caking, flow agents or artificial colourants, just the same natural and healthy goodness of raw cranberries.


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