Vegan Travel Tips

Vegan Travel Tips


Vegan Travel Tips

Going on holiday as a Vegan does not have to be a daunting experience, especially with the growing recognition of Vegan diets around the world. The key is to spend some time preparing for your trip by getting more familiar with your destination.

Not sure where to start?

Do not fear as we have collated a list of useful websites/apps that will teach you how to communicate your dietary requirements in the local language, provide useful Vegan travel tips and pinpoint some of the top Vegan spots around the world.

It is useful to know how to communicate that you are Vegan in the local language of your travel destination in order to avoid confusion. Below are some sites that give guidance on how to say "I am Vegan" in different languages.

The below apps and websites will allow you to better prepare for your travels by providing useful tips for Vegans.

  • Happy Cow is available in both web and in both Apple and Google app stores.
  • VegVoyages provides South Asian Vegan adventure tours that will not only take you on culturally immersive experiences, but also showcase the mouth-watering local vegan cuisine.
  • VegTravelBuddies allows you to find fellow Vegan (and Vegetarian) travellers from all over the world.
  • VeganTravel is a community website that allows fellow Vegans to share useful information regarding various travel destinations.
  • Vegan Xpress - An app (unfortunately only available for IOS) that lists all the Vegan items on the menu from more than 130 chain restaurants such as Chipotle, Burger King, etc.


Top Vegan Restaurants and Cafes from around the world:


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