TestoMax 2.0

TestoMax 2.0


TestoMax 2.0

Testosterone is an important sex hormone that helps to maintain healthy sperm production, muscle strength and mass, fat distribution, bone density along with maintaining a healthy libido (sex drive). Interestingly, testosterone levels reduce with age, typically beginning around the age of 30, and this decline can contribute to a reduced sex drive, decreased production of sperm, decreased bone mass, hair loss and also increased body fat- so it’s certainly worth giving your T-levels a little attention now and again!

There are a number of nutrients that are key to promoting healthy testosterone levels in the body and here at Nutravita, we’ve been hard at work creating a formula to help improve healthy male vitality. Our new vegan-friendly TestoMax capsules are packed with 17 different active ingredients including Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Selenium, D-Aspartic acid as well as Fenugreek Extract, Ashwagandha and Maca Extract to help support healthy energy levels, reproductive health, muscle function and normal testosterone levels in the blood. Why not take a closer look at how some of these ingredients can help:


Zinc occurs in very small quantities but it’s one of the most important essential minerals in the body! It plays a vital role in male fertility through acting as a hormone balancer to help keep healthy testosterone levels up. Research has found that a zinc deficiency can hinder new sperm production and can even negatively impact libido.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important fat-soluble vitamin that is thought to positively affect testosterone levels. Various studies have found a link between a deficiency in Vitamin D and low testosterone levels. In one study, the subjects taking part in the study were exposed to sunlight (a natural source of vitamin D), the researchers had found that their testosterone levels had increased suggesting that staying on top of your vitamin D intake may assist in healthy testosterone production.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic acid is a natural amino acid that plays a role in creating and releasing hormones in the body which in turn results in testosterone production. Various studies have looked at the effects of D-Aspartic acid on testosterone and they show promising results suggesting that this amino acid may in fact aid male fertility.


Ashwagandha is an apoptogenic herb meaning that it can help the body adapt to stress. This herb is thought to supercharge libido and promote healthy testosterone production in men. A wide range of studies have shown that ashwagandha can boost testosterone count and experimental studies have found that ashwagandha could induce spermatogenesis in rats.

Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek is an ancient herb that has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. It is thought that fenugreek may enhance libido and improve testosterone levels in men. Interestingly, a number of short-term studies have found that fenugreek supplementation has a significant effect on total serum testosterone suggesting that fenugreek intake may positively enhance testosterone profiles.