Nutravita helping those in need

Nutravita helping those in need


Nutravita helping those in need

As much as we are committed to providing you with the purest and highest quality products possible, we are also just as committed to helping out those in need. That is why we made it our mission to give a percentage of our profits to charity.

Who do we help?

Nutravita is involved in a few different, well established charities including Mission Direct. Not only do we give a portion of profits to charity but we also donate supplements to parts of the World with serious deficiencies such as Iron in Cambodia.

Why do they need our help?

Iron deficiency is common in Cambodia, and women are among those at greatest risk. Iron is critical for producing hemoglobin, a protein that helps red blood cells deliver oxygen throughout your body. So without it, everything suffers, which can lead to anaemia.

Anaemia is a condition that develops when your blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a main part of red blood cells and binds oxygen. If you have too few or abnormal red blood cells, or your hemoglobin is abnormal or low, the cells in your body will not get enough oxygen. Symptoms of anaemia, like fatigue, occur because organs aren't getting what they need to function properly.

Who is Mission Direct?

Mission Direct is a small UK Christian charity, based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Through short-term mission, they aim to enable everyday people to make a practical and lasting difference to some of the world's most vulnerable people. They do this by making long-term commitments to their carefully-chosen partners in-country and equipping volunteers to join them for a two-week overseas trip to build homes, schools/classrooms, hospitals and rescue centres.

How can you help?

Please help us, help the World. We believe these are truly worthwhile causes and your support for our brand is helping to make a difference to those with terminal illnesses and those who are in need of support around the World.

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