Meditation for Beginners: For the Mind, Body and Soul

Meditation for Beginners: For the Mind, Body and Soul


Meditation for Beginners: For the Mind, Body and Soul

Meditation is a practice that you will have most likely heard of, or will have practiced yourself. This ancient art of quietening the mind and becoming more in tune with yourself has practically been used since the beginning of time. Much like any muscle in the body that gets stronger with exercise, the more you practice meditation, the easier it will get. This is why some people can struggle if they are complete beginners.

People can dismiss meditation for many reasons. When starting out, you can get bored, fidgety, you might feel silly, unpleasant feelings can arise, you might think you don’t have time or people can think it’s simply ‘not for them’. It can be hard to ‘switch off’, but in reality, meditation is not about ‘switching off’. It is simply about taking your normal thoughts and observing them without judgement. It is the practice of making sure that you are not identifying with, or getting carried away your thoughts. Many people can get caught up in their thoughts and think that every thought they have is true, which is not the case.

Concentrate, with awareness on your thoughts. You may find it helpful to focus on something as you’re doing this, such as the breath, or a mantra. Your mind will then wander, especially if you’re new to meditation. This is perfectly natural and is not a sign that you are doing it wrong. As soon as you realise that your mind has wandered off, very softly and effortlessly come back to focussing on your breath. Notice the way your breath feels inside your body, you may wish to focus on how it passes through your nostrils, or how your chest expands as you breathe. This all creates mindful awareness.

There are many types of meditation; spiritual, focused, movement, mantra, transcendental - it can get complicated knowing which one would be best for you! So today, we’re going to focus on a simple meditation that is designed for sleep. This meditation is suitable for beginners and we would encourage everyone to take 10 minutes from their day to try it out. The fabulous @_lotusmoonyoga_ will be guiding this meditation and we are sure that you will feel calm and rested once you’re done. 

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To check out this incredible Meditation for Sleep, guided by @_lotusmoonyoga_ follow this link: