Hygge: The Danish Key to Happiness

Hygge: The Danish Key to Happiness


Hygge: The Danish Key to Happiness

Hygge, pronounced ‘hue-guh’ is a Danish and Norwegian word for the feeling of cosiness, comfort and contentment. Although there is not actually a direct translation for the word, some Danish and Norwegian people see it as a way of life. Some believe that this mindful practise is the key to happiness. Here are some ways that people have described it, so you can figure out the meaning for yourself…

What is Hygge?
• Comfort
• Presence
• Gratitude
• Relaxation
• Indulgence
• Togetherness
• Creating intimacy
• ‘Coziness of the soul’
• It is when you ‘feel’ the moment’
• A feeling of peace and wellbeing
• A moment that is ‘charming’ or ‘special’
• It doesn’t always mean ‘warm’, but always cosy

What isn’t Hygge? 
• Spending a long time on your phone
• Hibernating on your own (the key to hygge is togetherness)
• Thinking you have to buy something to adopt hygge into your life

Examples of Hyggelig Things:
• Baking bread
• Reading a book
• Burning candles
• Practising self-care
• Putting down your phone
• Reading next to a rainy window
• Sitting by the fire with a hot drink
• Snuggling under a blanket on a snowy day
• Eating comfort food that has been made with love
• Simply enjoying the company of your family and friends
• Taking pleasure in seemingly mundane tasks such as brewing tea or folding laundry

The meaning is so vast and can be interpreted differently for everyone. Hygge could certainly explain why the Danes are considered one of the happiest nations on Earth. With their cold climate, it’s no surprise that Danish people have had to adopt a coping mechanism for the dark winters. You can adopt hygge into your life by simply doing your day to day tasks in a more mindful way.

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