How to contribute to healthy hair growth

How to contribute to healthy hair growth


How to contribute to healthy hair growth

Are you getting enough of it? We’re not talking about milk or Zzzzzz’s, we’re talking about hair growth, of course!

Biotin: The Science Behind the Haircare Wonder-Vitamin

If you’re looking for a supplement to start with for thicker and healthier hair, our Biotin should be at the top of your list – especially if you’re vegetarian or vegan.

When it comes to hair growth, biotin helps the body break down protein, which is essential for hair growth and can go on to boost the rate of follicle growth.

Interestingly, multiple studies have found that biotin assists in the regrowth of hair in those who are deficient in this vitamin. So if you’re falling short on your biotin intake, this supplement has you covered.

We’ve also included 55ug of selenium and 10mg of zinc (Albion™) in our Biotin supplement to supercharge hair health.

Like biotin, zinc also plays a key role in protein absorption, which is essential to having healthy, strong and thick hair. Zinc is also important for hair follicle development, which contributes to an improved rate of hair growth.

The added selenium in this supplement helps boost the health of the scalp and keeps hair nourished by encouraging regular hair growth.

It’s easy to see why our Biotin formula is one of our most loved hair care supplements.

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Our high strength tablets contains 12,000mcg Biotin, 10mg Zinc, 1mg Copper and 55ug of Selenium per serving in one easy to swallow tablet. The Zinc we have used is a superior quality ‘fully reacted’ amino acid chelated form of Zinc from Albion®, it provides enhanced absorption of Zinc in the body compared to other forms of Zinc on the market.


“Like many other parts of your body, your hair also requires multiple nutrients to grow healthy. And it may not come as a surprise to learn that many nutritional deficiencies are closely linked to thinning hair and even hair loss,” explains expert nutritionist Riya Lakhani ANutr.


Vitamin C and Hair Growth

Talking of our most loved supplements, our Vitamin C supplement is another one to add to your hair care routine. 

One of vitamin C’s handy functions is to help your body absorb iron, a mineral necessary for hair growth. Since iron deficiency can be a key reason for hair loss, getting enough vitamin C is vital for improving hair growth.

Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant, which helps boost blood flow throughout your body. And when there is increased blood supply to your scalp, there is more stimulation of your hair follicles, which may also help promote hair growth.

You can rest assured knowing that you’ll be getting plenty of vitamin C with our supplement, as each serving provides 1,000mg of vitamin C.

Easy to Swallow
"Fantastic service, excellent delivery. These tablets are easy to swallow and have a tangy citrus flavour. Also good value. This is the 2nd time I've purchased them." - Woodsman
One of Vitamin C's most important functions is that it contributes to the maintenance of a normal immune system, Furthermore, it also contributes to the reduction of tiredness & fatigue, as well contributing to normal collagen formation for skin, teeth and bones.

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Written by Riya Lakhani ANutr

Riya Lakhani ANutr is a registered nutritionist and health writer with a special interest in plant-based nutrition. She has completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Human Nutrition, and has developed a passion for writing about all things plant-based.