Fitness Resolution & The Big Gym Rush

Fitness Resolution & The Big Gym Rush


Fitness Resolution & The Big Gym Rush

Post-Christmas, many people have that wave of motivation and write a big list of their new year's resolutions, the gym being one of them - but how many people actually go through with their resolutions?

Research highlighted by the health experts at Nutravita has revealed that, according to the latest data available, almost 50% of new gym members cancel their membership by the end of January.

During the month of January & February, many Brits make it their mission to get fitter and eat healthier, however, there is only a tiny 22% of gym goers who will see their membership all the way through until October.

Nutritionist at Nutravtiva, Riya Lakhani said: "Many people see the new year as a fresh start, a chance to reinvent ourselves, and a time to kick-start new habits. But putting this into practice for a full 365 days can seem unattainable, leading a lot of New Year’s resolutions to die out before February.

Remember that the health resolutions that you choose need to be able to fit within your lifemy. And they need to be something that is realistic. Try not to get swept up in the “should” and “shouldn't”, but rather aim for balance. Because nutrition, health and fitness are all about empowerment, not deprivation."

Although the new year seems like the perfect time for people to sign-up at gyms, according to recent studies, 12% of all gym sign-ups happen in January, while the rest of the year accounts for an average of 8.3% of sign-ups.

But why don’t people see their New Year’s resolutions through? Here are just a few reasons why 80% of new members will quit the gym within 5 months.

Lack of Time - 39.46% of people quit the gym early on due to a lack of time in their busy schedules.

Lack of Confidence - out of all the people quitting the gym in the first few months of the year, 16.55% of people quit because of a lack of confidence.

Too Busy - because of the surge of people swarming the gym at the start of the year, others may feel overwhelmed, with 14.28% of people quitting the gym due to it being too busy.

Childcare - 10.11% of people choose to quit the gym at the start of the year due to having no childcare.

Overall, the main reason for people quitting the gym so early on is motivation. With this in mind, these are just a few different ways Nutravita experts think you can remain motivated in the new year, to break out of that 50% of new gym members who cancel at the end of January.

If you struggle with your motivation due to a lack of preparation, then planning ahead is important. Whether you’re hoping to lose weight, boost your energy or look for better sleep, having your goals and a plan written down on paper is essential.

Keeping a gym diary can also motivate you to keep going, your progress will push you that bit further.

There are many different vitamins and supplements in our extensive Nutravita range, a lot that can help with both mental and physical performance. In fact, if you’re in a deficiency this can lead to cognitive decline, lower energy levels and overall, lower mood - something you don’t want when trying to motivate yourself to go to the gym.

It’s hard to find time to exercise amongst the hustle and bustle of life, but don’t make excuses! It’s important to schedule gym time in as you would any other important activity in your day.

If you work from home, you can incorporate stretches, walking or exercise on your breaks. Creating a daily routine for yourself will increase your motivation and it will just become the normal.