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Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother Gummies

Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother Gummies

You’re probably familiar with some of the benefits that apple cider vinegar has to offer, but did you know that you can now get your daily apple cider vinegar dose with our new delicious ACV gummies! We’ve included all the goodness of “the mother” to retain the natural acids, enzymes and polyphenolic compounds with added vitamin B12 for energy metabolism support and B9 (folic acid) to help ease tiredness and fatigue to help keep you going all day long. Plus they’re a tasty way to top up on ACV- all without the unpleasant taste that liquid ACV usually has to offer!

What sets ACV aside from regular vinegar?

ACV is produced during the apple cider fermentation process which can include “the mother” which is a composition of cellulose and acetic acid bacteria- the bacteria that is responsible for the fermentation process that transforms skins, seeds and stems into alcohol to then vinegar. Traditional vinegar can be made from other bases such as grains or grapes whereas ACV is made from apples. The main difference is the presence of “the mother” in ACV which isn’t removed or filtered out meaning it contains all the natural and nutritious goodness such as live enzymes, proteins and nutrients- this enables you to reap the maximum possible benefits of ACV.

What are some of the benefits of ACV?

The star ingredient in ACV is the bacteria known as acetic acid which is considered to be responsible for ACV’s claimed benefits. Interestingly, there's a range of studies that have found encouraging effects of ACV on weight management, supporting healthy digestion and another study even suggests that ACV may help with improved blood sugar control after the consumption of starchy foods.

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