DIY: How to upcycle our Nutravita containers!

DIY: How to upcycle our Nutravita containers!


DIY: How to upcycle our Nutravita containers!

Our team is a dedicated group of people. Not only do we want to give our customers the best products and advice, we try to live and work according to the Nutravita philosophy: 100 % pure & natural.

So needless to say we try to limit our ecological impact by producing & packaging in the UK and by working with pure & natural resources. We love recycling and even better: upcycling! So we decided to do a post on how to upcycle the Nutravita containers. It's easy, fun & ecofriendly!

Step 1.
Take one of your empty containers and gently peel off the Nutravita label. 

Step 2.
If there are any glue leftovers, just take some nailpolish remover and a sponge/cloth to remove the glue.
After this step you'll have a clean & design looking container in your hand!

Step 3.
Now take some blank stickers and some marker pens. Choose the purpose of your container (based on the size) and write it on the sticker. If you want that extra touch, you can always decorate it too! 

Step 4.
Et voilà, your own upcycled container, ready for a new life on your shelve or desk instead of wasting away in our beautiful oceans!

Here are some examples and ideas of what our Nutravita team has done with their containers at home or at the office:


NutraVita Blogpost Upcycled Containers DIY Paris Citytrip    From Garcinia Cambogia to Paris ;)


From a Magnesium container to a hair pin parlour!  Nutravita Blogpost Upcycled Containers DIY Hair pins



NutraVita Blogpost Upcycled Containers DIY USBNutraVita Blogpost Upcycled Containers DIY USB    Or from 5HTP to USB!


So, now it's your turn! What quick & quirky ideas can you come up with? Send us your results and we'll post the 2 coolest containers on our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!



The Nutravita Team