Healthy Teeth - The Nutravita guide to great oral health

Healthy Teeth - The Nutravita guide to great oral health


Healthy Teeth - The Nutravita guide to great oral health

Nat King Cole once sang 'You'll find that life is still worthwhile, If you just smile', but if you don't take care of your teeth, the sentence doesn't really apply. So which foods & supplements can you consume that help your teeth stay healthy?

1) Broccoli, bok choy, kale, okra & other dark, leafy veggies: you need enough minerals and vitamin D (our body requires a dose of vitamin D to absorb calcium, which in turn strengthens bones and teeth) for your teeth to stay in good health, and these veggies are full of 'em!

2) Apples: Apples and other high-fiber fruits can scrub away plaque and leave you with a fresh, sweet breath!

3) Celery, carrots & other crunchy veggies: in order to stay sharp, teeth require a little work every now and then. Crunchy, firm foods that contain lots of water (and require quite some chewing) are good for oral health. They stimulate our flow of saliva and can actually scrub tooth surfaces, so your smile is worth the while again. There are certain enzymes in our saliva that buffer the acids present in food and clean food leftovers out of small cavities. Celery is the dental floss boss, considering it’s full of water and fibrous strands!

4) Cheese & yogurt: If you’re not a vegan, low-fat cheese and plain nonfat yogurt are calcium & phosphorus rich choices. They can protect tooth enamel and even help replace minerals in teeth (a.k.a. remineralization). This is only possible if you have enough Vit. D & magnesium intake though.

5) Tofu: If you’re vegetarian/vegan, you get the following question a lot: ’But how can your body still function without all these necessary nutrients?’ Well, because there are a lot of alternatives and tofu is one of ‘em. Tofu is full of phosphorus, which is an important mineral that may protect tooth enamel!

6) Vit. D & magnesium supplements: You might think: teeth  calcium. Healthier teeth  calcium supplements! But stop right there missy/mister. Studies have found that calcium supplements don’t do our body any good. What you do need in order for your body to absorb calcium and to keep your bones and teeth healthy is magnesium and vitamin D. These two miracle workers make sure your calcium absorption gets a boost. That’s why we put them in our Vitality Range: to help your bone & dental health! Order a year’s supply (365 tablets) for only £ 9.99 here:

Now these foods were good for your teeth, let’s see which ones you should avoid to keep your dental habitat in A+ condition:

1) Lemons, oranges, lime and grapefruit: this is an obvious one right. Citrus  citric acid. Strong acids are what cause enamel erosion and tooth decay. But if you can’t do without your daily glass of juice, make sure to down it quickly instead of taking long sips. And another healthy tip to recognize the sneaky acids: if a food or drink easily stains your teeth (*coughs* coffee *coughs* red wine), it’s usually quite acidic.

2) Pickles: Aah pickles, how tasty they can be on a sandwich. But the combo of super-acidic vinegar and sugar equals enamel erosion! 

3) Coffee: coffee is one of those drinks that has the role of both angel and devil. It has several health benefits, but not one of them involves your dental crib. The tannic acids in coffees (& some teas) reduce enamel and can leave brownish stains on your teeth.

4) Soda: This one is nothing new. The combo of acids, sugars and carbonation is your teeth’ ticket to dental hell. Countless studies have linked soda consumption (both regular and diet) with tooth decay and erosion.

So, take care of your pearly whites & may them stay forever healthy!

With all our smiles,

The NutraVita Team.